Citywide Christian Fellowship Cairns is a family-focused church with particular programs for children, teenagers, young adults, men, ladies and senior adults.

Citywide Christian Fellowship commenced in Cairns in 1987. We are aligned in an active fellowship with similar church groups throughout Australia, PNG and Asia.

In our Sunday service, bread and wine will be distributed. This is to signify our participation in the one universal church, the ‘body of Christ’. We have no restricted membership and invite anyone who believes in Christ to partake of the ‘communion’ elements with us.

We invite you to inquire about any aspect of our program and extend to you a warm welcome at our meetings.


Daily Devotions

Friday | 15 February 2019
The crown of thorns

What is the significance of the crown of thorns that was forcibly driven into the head of Christ by the soldiers in the Praetorim? Mat 27:29.

First, a crown designates the rulership and authority of a specific individual. The crown of thorns, however, was used to mock and humiliate Christ, rather than to honour Him. While Christ should have received the double crown of kingship and priesthood, reserved only for the Messiah, He instead endured the mocking of His authority at the hands of the soldiers. Zec 6:11‑14. His authority was taken away from Him as He endured the opposition of God on our behalf. Isa 53:8. However, by this action, all ‘rule and authority and power and dominion’ was being taken away from those who had misappropriated it on earth and in heaven. Eph 1:20-21. It was being re-established in Yahweh.

Second, we would all realise that thorns can inflict an annoyingly painful and sharp incision into our skin, causing blood to flow from our wound. Let us pause and consider the imagery of the crown of thorns and its confronting proposition – namely, that all of mankind, including you and me, are guilty of forcibly imposing upon the head of Christ, in prideful arrogance, our own projection and self‑centred agenda for our life, demanding it be recognised and blessed by Him.

Third, we mock Christ’s Lordship and sovereignty in our life when we cease from living by every word of our name, and instead live by the abilities and resources of our identity. Mat 4:4. Our own resources and abilities are clearly exhaustible and finite, and are unable to achieve the righteousness of God. Rom 10:3.

God faithfully calls us into the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings and offering as we recognise our culpability in these matters. 1Co 1:9. However, unless we turn to look upon Him whom we have pierced, we will be unable to see the hurt and grief that we cause to God when, being stiff-necked, we stubbornly reject our predestined name. Zec 12:10. 2Co 3:16. Acts 7:51

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