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Weekly Word

Jesus Teaches on Interpersonal Relationships

23rd October 2016 -

We spend our entire life interfacing with fellow humans.  How we interact in these interpersonal relationships determines the quality of life we enjoy.  Without relational interactions with other humans, our lives would have virtually no meaning or purpose.  Yet, it is our interpersonal relating that creates most of our difficulties. Imagine life without any interaction with another human.  No arguments, no fights, no obligations, no misunderstandings, but also no love, no joy, no laughs and no life.  Obviously, the answer to interpersonal relational difficulties is not to withdraw from or avoid interaction with others, but rather to learn how to relate in a meaningful, honouring and constructive way. Because of this reality, Jesus made it His priority to teach us how to relate in every […]

Daily Devotions

Tuesday | 06 December 2016
The Everlasting Covenant

The gospel of sonship is a message with vast implications. We must give careful attention to rightly understanding the gospel, so that it is effective in our lives and we are fully equipped to minister it to others.

We cannot know ourselves and understand the high calling of our sonship if we don’t firstly know God and understand His covenant purpose for us. We can be assured that God wants to be fully known by us. The psalmist rejoiced that ‘the secret of the Lord is for those who fear Him, and He will make them know His covenant’. The Everlasting Covenant was made between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit before the foundation of the world. It reveals the purpose of God for mankind and includes the fulfilment of this purpose.

The Everlasting Covenant is summarised in the words, ‘Let Us make man in Our image and according to Our likeness’. There is no more profound description of the purpose of God and the predestination of man in the Scripture. We have been predestined to become sons of God, who will possess the very image and likeness of all three Persons in the Godhead, without ever becoming God.

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit were all involved in making the Everlasting Covenant, and all Three are involved in its achievement and fulfilment. For this reason, the Everlasting Covenant includes the unique covenant that the Father makes with us, the unique covenant that the Son makes with us, and the unique covenant that the Holy Spirit makes with us. The apostle John declared that there are Three who bear witness to this covenant in heaven. The fulfilment of these three individual covenants means that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit will dwell in us and with us forever.

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