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Weekly Word

Jesus Teaches on True Happiness

26th July 2016 -

Every person desires true happiness.  It is the quest of every human, regardless of culture, country or religion.  The longing for happiness lies deep in the heart of everyone.  Yet few find true happiness.  Why?  Why do all search for and desire true happiness, but so few find it, keep it and live it? Could it be that we search the wrong places?  The things we think will bring happiness actually don’t.  Many a millionaire has declared that they thought money could buy happiness, just to be disillusioned.  How many have walked the aisle in marriage, believing that the result would be true happiness, only to be disappointed as their many expectations could never be met?  Others have thought that success would bring happiness, yet […]

Daily Devotions

Wednesday | 27 July 2016
Our strength and song

It is interesting to consider that Moses called the Lord, ‘his song’. He called Him, ‘his strength and his song’. The Lord is our song too. We could call Him, ‘our Song of pilgrimage’, as we journey to the city of Zion. Our Song of pilgrimage is victorious, and this Song is a Person; a victorious ‘Man of war’. Ask yourself this question: do we really comprehend how strong and victorious our Lord is? We could even ask this same question in a different way: do we really understand how mighty and powerful is our Song of pilgrimage? We don’t fully comprehend this, unless we are illumined by the Holy Spirit to see the Lord, and the greatness of His power.

The apostle Paul knew that this was the case for the church at Ephesus. They needed illumination. He wrote to them, telling them that he prayed for them unceasingly, that God would enlighten the eyes of their understanding so that they might know the exceeding greatness of the Lord’s power toward them.

The Lord wants us to know the exceeding greatness of His power toward us. He wants us to know His illumination. He is the Lord of hosts. He is the Lord strong and mighty in battle. He is our Lord Jesus Christ, and the apostle Paul also called Him, ‘the Lord of glory’. When the Lord of glory lights up our hearts by the Holy Spirit, we are illumined. All of a sudden, we see and we know. We have a knowledge of ‘the hidden wisdom’ from God concerning ourselves. We see ourselves. We see who we are and who God called us to be. We see the manner of our work, the way of our walk, and the lines of our sanctification.

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