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Weekly Word

He died for me: The story of Barabbas

11th February 2017 -

Barabbas was a man who lived in Jerusalem, Judea, around AD29 during the time of the Roman Empire. Barabbas was a troublemaker, a thief and a murderer. The punishment for his crimes was that he had to be crucified; which was a common punishment. This meant that he was to be nailed to a wooden cross until he would die of exhaustion and suffocation. Beyond these details, the Bible does not tell us very much about Barabbas, so the story described below is a realistic interpretation of what may have taken place. Often the Romans would force a criminal to make the cross that they were going to die on. This may have been to cause the criminal some mental suffering to go with the […]

Daily Devotions

Friday | 24 March 2017
The consequence of sin

The second kind of suffering that we observe in the world is the consequence of our own misguided, ignorant, and wilful actions. The fruit of sin itself is suffering and death. Solomon, the wise man, said, ‘They shall eat of the fruit of their own way and be satiated with their own devices. For the waywardness of the naïve will kill them and the complacency of fools will destroy them.’

The third kind of suffering is the consequence of somebody else’s sin upon us. This kind of suffering will be evident in many situations and relational interactions. It is particularly evident in the impact that the behaviour and decisions of parents have on their children. We could trace this principle all the way back to the beginning. The fall of Adam has impacted all generations.

The cross of Christ was the place where all these different elements of suffering were manifested. In the first case, when we look at the cross of Christ, it was the place of the full manifestation of God’s judgement on sin. Further to this, it was the place where the consequence of every person’s individual sin was seen and remedied, as well as the consequence of every person’s sin on others.

When we are baptised into Christ’s death, we join the fellowship of His sufferings. His sufferings are unique. We know that all suffering in the world is the fruit of man’s disobedience, sin and rebellion. Suffering in the world, outside of Christ, has no virtue and only produces death. In contrast to this, Christ’s sufferings were the fruit of His obedience to the Father’s will, and are the means by which our propensity to sin is removed from us and His life is shared with us by offering.

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